We give full Insight on your project development processes for quick decision making

Developer Tracking

We integrate with the developer’s working environment and feed you detailed stats on his/her speed and accuracy in real time. You get access to the hours worked per day and hours spent on a particular task.

Work rate Tracking

Zeedas allows you to keep track of time (per hour) spent to complete your project.

IP Protection

With Zeedas, you can protect your full source code. By giving developers access to only the part of your project they need to work on, we make working with remote teams a lot safer.

Work Summary

Zeedas gives you the work summary of each developer at the end of a project. Showing the assigned task, time taken to complete task and the developer growth.

Project Insight

The Project Overview allows you to view the status of your project in real time. You can
see the percentage completion of your project and the expected end date. We compute
the expected delivery date from the number of developers, their skill levels and the
number of tasks left to be completed.

We connect you to top developers from different parts of
the world at the lowest possible cost.